Here are a couple of books and some papers and articles.


Making Poverty: A History - August 2008.  Click on the title to find out more.  Go to to buy it on Amazon.  Also published in Japanese by Seidosha.

Agricultural Commodities, Trade and Sustainable Development (editor) - November 2005
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PAPERS AND ARTICLES   --   Click on any title to download it

Contents:   1.  Economics, Finance and Aid

                     2.  Commodities, Trade and Food


1.  Economics, Finance and Aid

A Shorter Leash: Ideas for reforming the banking sector - May 2013

Russia: A Bigger Picture - Emerging Markets - May 2013

This Gold Price Fall is a Bad Omen - The Guardian - April 2013

Russia: Wild is the Wind - Emerging Markets - December 2012

Submission to Liikanen Inquiry on Reforming the Structure of the EU Banking Sector - May 2012

The Dog That Didn't Bark : When  banking  crises  did  not  occur  and   what  we  can learn  from  that - September 2011

Development in a Changing Landscape - June 2009

How Banking Shenanigans Could have been Avoided - May 2009

Ending Aid Dependence - September 2008

Markets, Prices and Market Power - July 2008

Market Power, Price Formation and Primary Commodities - November 2006

Book Reviews on resolving the International Debt Crisis - June 1990

British Policy and the Cancellation of Commercial Debts - September 1989

2.  Commodities, Trade and Food

Why Farmers still Struggle when Food Prices Rise - 5 pages - March 2013

Why Farmers still Struggle when Food Prices Rise - 26 pages - March 2013

The Potential Establishment of Emergency Food Reserve Funds - December 2011

Regulating Food Commodity Markets September 2011

Propositions pour réguler les marchés des produits de base - September 2011 (in French) 

Two Agricultural Shocks in the Former USSR, 60 Years Apart - June 2011

Enhancing Food Security through Agricultural Development - May 2011

Regulating Speculation in Food Commodities - April 2010

Speculation in Food Commodity Markets - April 2010

Horn of Africa Food Security Policy Review - December 2009

Food security policies in the Horn of Africa - November 2009

Global markets are not the answer to food problems - August 2009

Global or Local Markets for Agriculture? - July 2009

EU Food and Agriculture Policy for the 21st Century: Alternatives to the CAP - April 2009

Politique agricole et alimentaire de l'UE pour le 21e siècle: Alternatives à la PAC - April 2009 (in French)

Política alimentaria y agrícola de la UE para el siglo XXI: Alternativas a la PAC - April 2009 (in Spanish) 

Oh dear, not that Paul Collier again - February 2009

Managing Food Prices - September 2008

No Way to Feed the World - August 2008

What Lies Behind the Food Crisis? - June 2008

Hungry for Change: How the rising cost of rice is jeopardising the lives of people across the globe - May 2008

Time to Act on Food Price Speculation - April 2008

Commodity Dependence and Development: Suggestions to tackle the commodities problems - April 2008

Supply Management: Options for commodity income stabilization - May 2007

Sustainable Livelihoods for Indian Tea Workers: The international dimension - May 2006

The Integration of Millennium Development Goals in National Trade and Trade-related Policies: The relationship between commodities production, trade and development, with a focus on poverty reduction - November 2005

Tropical Commodity Agreements and Structural Adjustment - September 2005

Les Accords sur les Produits Tropicaux et les Programmes d'Ajustement Structurel - septembre 2005

The Impact of GATS on Agriculture - July 2005

Is an IBA Feasible? Exploring the idea of an International Banana Agreement with social, environmental and economic chapters - April 2005

Commodities Trade, Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Development: The re-emerging debate - June 2004

Dialogue on Agricultural Trade Reform - April 2004

The Commodities Challenge: Towards an EU Action Plan - January 2004

Europe and the Coffee Crisis: A plan for action - February 2003

The Nizhny Novgorod Agriculture Sector - April 1998

Restructuring of the Aluminium Industry: Implications for developing countries - September 1990